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Humanitarian Emergencies


How to Help the Children in Disaster- Manual


Third Edition
Karen Olness MD
Anna Mandalakas MD MS
Kristine Torjesen MD MPH
Health Frontiers

Publication History:

Original edition published by Health Frontiers, 1998, as "How to Help the Children in Complex Humanitarian Emergencies," reprinted with J&J Pediatric Institute, 1999, as "Helping the Children, a Practical Handbook for Complex Humanitarian Emergencies."

Spanish, Albanian editions, 1999, Arabic, Chinese, 2003
Second edition published by Health Frontiers, 2006.

Copyright © 2014, Health Frontiers. All rights reserved. This document may be used to assist children in disaster situations.
However, it may not be reproduced in whole or in part without a written permission from Health Frontiers.

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