IPA İhsan Doğramaci Prize in Children's Environmental Health

Under the title of the "IPA İhsan Doğramaci Prize in Children's Environmental Health", a prize is established within the framework of the International Pediatric Association Foundation.

The Prize is established for the purpose of promoting and raising the standards of pediatric environmental health by acknowledging individuals who have made major creative contributions to identifying an environmental hazard and working to protect children from that hazard. To achieve this the IPA shall every three years award a prize to a pediatrician for an achievement in environmental health.

Selection Criteria

The following criteria will guide the selection of prize winners:

Nominee will be a pediatrician who has identified an environmental hazard and brought it to public attention;

The award recognizes exceptional creativity, initiative and perseverance in working for a solution to a difficult environmental health problem that affects children;

Nominee's work has enhanced the health of children and the environment;

Nominee's work has engaged other people to assist them and has inspired other pediatricians to take action on environmental hazards.

The prize shall be presented during the Congress of Pediatrics to the recipient(s) or, in their absence, to a person (or persons) representing him/her (them). Should more than one person be selected, the prize will be shared by the awardees, who shall each receive a certificate.  The awardee(s) will receive transportation to the IPA Congress and three nights of lodging.  The awardee(s) will be invited to give a presentation during the Environmental Health session of the IPA Congress.

Nomination for the prize

Any pediatrician may nominate a person for the prize by submitting the nomination materials through any IPA member society.  IPA member societies may send multiple nominations to the Selection Panel.  Nominations will be due March 31 of the year in which the Congress of Pediatrics is held.  The Selection Panel will consist of the members of the IPA Environmental Health Committee. The Executive Committee of IPA shall determine the recipient(s) of the prize on the recommendation of the Selection Panel.

The recipients of the prize will be encouraged to meet regularly with the IPA Committee on Environmental Health (normally every three years) to discuss ways of promoting environmental health in their communities and beyond and to submit their recommendations to IPA. These meetings will be convened and coordinated by the International Pediatric Association.