Environmental Health Committee Goals/Objectives for 2011:

Continue to Develop the Pediatric Environmental Health Leadership Institute

Goal/Objective 1:  Put Children’s Environmental Health Training Modules on the IPA website and advertise to pediatricians worldwide

Goal/Objective 2: In collaboration with at least 3 National Pediatric Societies, conduct workshops to train pediatricians in children’s environmental health and improve their capacities for leadership in the recognition, diagnosis, prevention and management of pediatric diseases linked to environmental factors and enable them to offer advice and information to policymakers in their communities.  Consider holding workshop in Mumbai, India in conjunction with the 14th World Conference on Tobacco or Health in March, 2009

Goal/Objective 3: Standardize, evaluate and ensure the competence level of pediatricians in children’s environmental health through an international credentialing program that will be implemented in coordination with National Pediatric Societies.

Goal /Objective 4:  Facilitate global communications, networking and exchange of ideas among pediatricians on prevention and treatment of childhood illnesses linked to the environment.

Goal/Objective 5:  Write a manuscript for the peer-reviewed literature summarizing the progress in developing the Pediatric Environmental Health Leadership Institute

Goal/Objective 6:  Write a grant to support the development of a rapid response team of pediatricians with specific training who could respond to requests from the World Health Organization and other organizations when environmental disasters occur and a pediatrician’s advice is needed.

Goal/Objective 7:  Work with other organizations towards the elimination of tobacco from homes with children and the elimination of lead from petrol.