To better prepare the world’s pediatricians to address environmental issues, the International Pediatric Association has launched the International Pediatric Environmental Health Leadership Institute.

  Curriculum, Credentials, and Communication constitute the 3 C’s of the virtual Institute.  The objective is to prepare each participating pediatrician to achieve the following competencies:

    Understand the influence of environmental agents on children’s health

    Recognize signs, symptoms, diseases and sources of exposure relating to common environmental agents and conditions

    Complete a pediatric environmental health history and record potential environmental hazards and sentinel illnesses

    Recommend a course of preventive action or make appropriate referrals for conditions with probable environmental etiologies

    Demonstrate a knowledge of risk communication in patient and community intervention with respect to the potential adverse effects of the environment on health

    Recognize the full range of resources available to support their work in the field of pediatric environmental health

    Understand the reporting requirements and regulations in the country or community.